Video Editing • Motion Graphics • Infographics

These are various motion graphic videos I did while studying Interactive Media Design at Durham College in Oshawa. I mainly used After Effects to create the motion graphics and Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.
Durham College COVID-19 Safety Infographic Video

This infographic video was displayed in Oshawa campus during the pandemic, serving as an informative and engaging visual resource. To bring the video to life, I skillfully utilized vector graphics to create captivating animations. The use of vector graphics allowed for smooth transitions, crisp visuals, and scalability, ensuring that the information was effectively communicated to viewers. The animated infographic served as a valuable tool in conveying important messages, promoting safety measures, and providing essential guidance during challenging times.

Playstation 5 Demo Reel

I was assigned to create an impressive motion graphic video for the PlayStation 5 using still images and gameplay footage. I used Photoshop, Illustrator, and  After Effects. I carefully selected visuals that showcased the key features of the PlayStation 5 and edited them in Photoshop for a striking result. Using Illustrator, I created custom graphics and animations that seamlessly blended with the content.In Adobe After Effects, I animated the images, gameplay videos, and graphics to add movement. Dynamic transitions, text overlays, and sound effects were included to enhance the viewing experience. The final video effectively highlighted the impressive features of the PlayStation 5.

Canada Travel Video

I was tasked with the challenge of creating a short travel video that highlights the beauty of Canada by utilizing existing footage and adding kinetic typography. To bring this project to life, I turned to the powerful editing tools of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Through careful selection and editing of the footage, I was able to highlight the most visually stunning elements of Canada's landscapes, while the addition of dynamic and engaging text helped to convey the message of the video. By leveraging these tools, I was able to create a truly captivating and memorable travel video that truly showcases the beauty of Canada.


This is a marketing promotional video for RUGD Outdoors.