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CanCap Group is a leading Canadian financial services company specializing in lending and servicing solutions. As part of their commitment to excellencerecognized the importance of a strong visual identity and user-friendly online presence. Therefore, they embarked on a project to redesign their logo and website, aiming to enhance their brand image and improve the overall user experience.
I collaborated with Marketing and Management to implement an effective marketing strategy and ensure the successful execution of CanCap Group's brand redesign project. We collectively analyzed market trends, conducted competitor research, and identified key target audiences. Additionally, in collaboration with the Management team, we aligned the brand redesign project with the company's overall strategic goals and objectives. We ensured that the new logo and website design reflected CanCap Group's core values, mission, and vision.

By collaborating with Marketing and Management, we were able to develop and implement a cohesive marketing strategy that effectively communicated CanCap Group's brand message and value proposition.
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Brand Book
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