t.o. night

UI/UX Design • Logo Design

Get ready to paint the town red with t.o. night – the ultimate nightlife guide for the GTA! This app is like the neon-lit lovechild of the CN Tower, here to be your digital nightlife wingman. From hot clubs to top-rated restaurants, epic concerts to nail-biting sports events, T.O. Night has got your back. Need info on costs, dress codes, bookings, or safety tips? Say no more, we've got all the deets to make your night out a smash hit
t.o. night's design draws inspiration from Toronto's vibrant nightlife and its iconic landmarks. The neon lights reminiscent of the city's bustling streets create a visually stunning interface that captures the energy and excitement of Toronto after dark. The logo, featuring a stylized neon CN Tower outline, serves as a beacon guiding users through the app's offerings.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, the app has garnered rave reviews from users and industry experts alike. t.o. night  has not only simplified the process of planning a night out but has also contributed to a safer and more enjoyable nightlife experience for all.
Style Guide

The logo features the CN Tower, a symbol synonymous with the city's skyline and cultural identity. The distinguishing feature of our logo is the neon stroke, evoking the dazzling lights and energy of Toronto after dark. The neon stroke pulsates with life, symbolizing the bustling nightlife and endless possibilities that await within the city.
Color Palette

Our palette: Cerulean, Hot Pink, and Off-White.

‍This palette reflects the bold spirit of t.o. night, inviting exploration of Toronto's nightlife.

Poppins is used as primary font to convey a sense of modernity, clarity, and sophistication across all brand communications. Whether displayed on a smartphone screen or printed on promotional materials, Poppins brings a sense of polish and refinement to every interaction, enhancing the user experience